A Blockchain-Powered Data Exchange Network

27. August 2022 Aus Von admin

461 views We’re always looking for ways to earn money for free. A platform that allows individuals to earn certain crypto tokens is a great deal for crypto enthusiasts. Many times both offline and online communities are asked for opinions and personal data by businesses. Unfortunately, many large corporations are data brokers and sell the customer’s data without knowing, or even share the profits. Fortunately, Insights Network successfully developed an online social network powered by blockchain, Instars, which provides an unrestricted platform to exchange data in a consensual manner and the possibility of earning digital tokens.

A Little About Instars

Instars is a software that uses blockchain technology for market and online survey research that offers many more functions and features than a typical database exchange service. It offers a market research platform that is decentralized which provides its users with instars, EOS, and DAI tokens for completing surveys while keeping their personal data.

Special Features of Instars

The platform is accessible through the Instars application that runs on desktops, via the internet or Android mobile devices. Users can enjoy a variety of capabilities and features, which include:

Viewing Cryptocurrency Prices

The cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable and traders stay looking at charts to track price changes. There are many applications that provide price charts, however Instars is among its varieties. It brings everything related to cryptocurrency under one roof to assist users in their everyday crypto-related decisions particularly in relation to trading. Prices of top cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as well as Ethereum are shown in real-time, as well as in real-time on INSTAR as well as EOS. This makes it much easier for users to determine the digital currencies they are attracted to and keep the track of them.

Earning Crypto Tokens

Anyone is eligible to participate in data surveys conducted daily simply by installing and registering through the website. Every participant can earn various rewards depending on the data collection method employed and the kind of data they provide. Data seekers specify the types of information they require. They also offer various amounts of compensation, consequently, the different amounts of reward. All users will receive their earnings in Instar tokens In addition, there are other methods to gain rewards with Instar.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Learning

Instars offers a learning laboratory which will offer users tutorials on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Blockchain technology is at the heart of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, joining the crypto market by utilizing a platform that teaches you on digital assets as well as blockchain is an added benefit.

Data Control

Privacy of data has been an issue for consumers, as companies continue to exploit their data for profit. Companies are using the data of consumers to make profits, especially through advertising. But, Instars users have full control over who is using their personal data and what they use it for. You can find out more about Bitcode AI robot by using an initial demo account prior to making use of it for trading. They also have the ability to decide how much they’re willing to give away and how they will benefit from the rewards program.

How to Earn Crypto on Instars

The program offers a variety of opportunities to users to earn its native currency, INSTAR. It’s also the very first wallet for cryptocurrency that permits users to own cryptocurrency tokens, without having to purchase them.

Registration Bonus

Signing up for the service is easy and cost-free task which earns the user 25 Instar. All you have to do is go to the website or use the mobile app to sign up for an account and then verify your identity. In order to register, you’ll need to supply information like your gender, date of birth and the country of birth. The applicants must also prove their identity by uploading a photo with a piece of paper with the date and instars.com along with an original copy of their driving license. The registration bonus is added in your Instars account right after your profile has been accepted.


Instars users also earn money through Instars users can earn money through the Instar Referral Program. It only allows users who have access to an Instars account to sign in. Once logged in then click on the „invite friends“ icon and receive the referral link. You will earn rewards for each friend who completes registration and verification with the link.

The Learning Program

Instars the learning program lets participants to earn money from it. The tab for learning and research offers a variety of videos to discover more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is common to have a quiz to be completed at the conclusion of each video that you can take and earn.

Instars Offers and Discounts

The section for offers and discounts lets users purchase products through the platform and earn cashback or rewards, and sometimes even both.

Uploading Receipts

Instars users can gain EOS when they upload receipts that show their expenses in specific categories such as pizza, travel, coffee and more. You must take pictures of their receipts, then upload them, and then write a review about their experience, and then give it an overall rating. The Instar team will review the receipt and gives rewards using EOS in the event that the uploaded photo is in line with their requirements.

Surveys and Polls

Polls and surveys are the most effective ways to earn tokens through Instars. They typically are built on the information of an individual’s profile and are therefore easy for people to fill out and also earn EOS. The platform also offers other opportunities to exchange data, with rewards.


Cryptocurrencies are entering the mainstream in increasing numbers as technology battles over their price volatility issues and major currency prices continue to climb. The market is more competitive than ever before, and lots of others are becoming more interested in cryptocurrency. The good news is that Insights Network is providing the ideal entry point to the cryptocurrency market. Insights Network’s Instars platform is easy to access and the only consensual exchange program that permits new users to have cryptocurrency coins upon joining without having to purchase the coins.