• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has gained traction in the past few weeks.
• Chainlink (LINK) shared a Twitter thread to inform users about flash loans.
• Aave (AAVE) is launching its V3 network to add rETH as a reserve.


This article explores recent news and updates on popular crypto projects like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Chainlink (LINK), and Aave (AAVE). It looks at how ORBN has been gaining traction, information about flash loans through Chainlink (LINK), and new reserves on the Aave (AAVE) network.

Orbeon Protocol Gains Traction

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has been gaining traction in the past few weeks with people buying tokens from designated exchanges. In addition, ORBN is using innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a more efficient and secure platform for trading digital assets. The platform also offers an incentivized staking program that rewards users for holding ORBN tokens in their wallets. This has helped increase adoption of the platform, leading to increased liquidity and value for ORBN tokens.

Chainlink Explains Flash Loans

Chainlink(LINK) shared a Twitter thread explaining essential information about DeFi flash loans to its community. The token’s price is currently 3.80% down at $6.56 per LINK token as of this writing. According to Chainlink’s rules, borrowers should be able to pay back the entire loan plus interest back into the same block otherwise no loan will be issued at all. Flash loans are unique because they allow users to borrow assets without any upfront collateral required; however, borrowers must return the asset within the same blockchain transaction that it was borrowed from or else they will incur additional fees and charges for failing to do so in time.

Aave Launches V3 With rETH Reserve

Aave’s creators have proposed adding rETH as a reserve on its V3 network after seeing success from stETH reserves on V2 deployments which have become by far one of their most successful reserves with over $1 billion deposited so far. The launch of V3 is meant to imitate this success by providing greater diversity across its ecosystem while also decreasing liquidity concentration onto one particular entity, thereby allowing for more staking volume and Ethereum decentralization overall too – even though Aave’s price chart remains consistent at $78 per AAVE token right now according to CoinMarketCap data..


In conclusion, this article explored recent news related popular cryptocurrency projects such Orbeon Protocol(ORBN), Chainlink (LINK), and Aave(AAVE). ORBN is gaining traction due its incentivized staking program while LINK explained essential information about DeFi flash loans on its social media accounts while AAVE launched its V3 network with an aim of adding rETH as one of their reserves – all despite prices remaining consistently unchanged thus far during these events too!

• The United States Department of Justice is conducting a criminal probe into Silvergate Capital Corp.’s dealings with the bankrupt crypto firm FTX and its sister concern Alameda Research.
• The investigation comes after FTX’s collapse in 2022 resulted in over two-thirds of Silvergate’s customers withdrawing deposits totaling $8 billion, resulting in a net loss of $1 billion for the bank in the fourth quarter.
• The DoJ is looking into Silvergate’s risk management practices, among other matters, and could bring charges against the company if warranted by their findings.

DOJ Investigates Silvergate Capital Corp.

The United States Department of Justice has launched a probe into Silvergate Capital Corp. and its dealings with bankrupt crypto firm FTX and its sister concern Alameda Research. Prosecutors are looking into various aspects of the company’s operations, including its risk management practices, as part of a criminal investigation.

FTX Debacle Continues to Have Consequences

The FTX debacle of 2022 has continued to have consequences across the industry, including on certain firms in the TradFi sector. It has also incited the Department of Justice into more focused action by charging the CEOs of FTX and Alameda Research with fraudulent activities. An inside source has reported that the DoJ is now looking into the operations of Silvergate Captial Corp., which was one of the chief backers of FTX.

Silvergate Witnessed Major Losses

Over two-thirds of Silvergate Bank’s customer base withdrew deposits totaling over $8 billion after FTX collapsed, resulting in a net loss for the bank in Q4 2022 amounting to $1 billion. The company’s stock lost 88% value during that year and premarket trading saw it lose 40%, leading to drastic layoffs within Silvergate as it sought to mitigate losses incurred due to FTX’s failure.

Government Bodies Increasing Scrutiny

Silvergate has been facing increasing scrutiny from government bodies such as federal prosecutors from DoJ’s fraud section who are conducting a criminal probe into their dealings with FTX and Alameda Research. In addition, a bipartisan group senators requested details on their risk management practices associated with those businesses linked to Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX founder). This mounting judicial pressure caused FUD among investors – although no charges have been brought yet – which further weighed down performance for an already struggling banking institution.

Silvergate: A Brief Summary

Silvergate used to be a small US organization till it went public in November 2019 when it entered and became a significant player in crypto market by providing banking services for rejections by traditional service providers; however this success was short lived once their ties to FTX were revealed and resulted massive losses due to customer withdrawals when exchange collapsed amidst fraud allegations against CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

•An observer has noted that Bitcoin hash rate highs tend to signal a sell-off as the upside momentum fades.
•The analyst predicts that prices may rise above the current resistance level at $23,800 to $25,500 before dumping below immediate support lines.
•The observer believes that peaking bitcoin hash rates can diverge with prices, impacting coin valuation.

In late January 2023, the Bitcoin hash rate was recorded at an all-time high of 305 EH/s. This has prompted one observer to note that whenever the Bitcoin hash rate records new highs, prices tend to retrace as the upside momentum fades.

The observer has also noted that expanding Bitcoin prices may encourage more users and mining farms to power on their rigs, further pushing up the hash rate. However, he believes that peaking bitcoin hash rates can diverge with prices, impacting coin valuation.

Based on his theory, the analyst has predicted that prices may rise above the current resistance level at $23,800 to $25,500 before dumping below immediate support lines towards $20,000, or worse.

The observer has based his prediction on CryptoQuant data. He believes that by monitoring the hash rate graph and understanding its relationship with BTC prices, users are better positioned to anticipate potential corrections and capitalize on them.

Hash rate is the total computing power connected to the Bitcoin network. Expanding Bitcoin prices would encourage more users and mining farms to power on their rigs, further pushing up the hash rate. This could lead to strong liquidations that may unwind mining activity, pulling down prices.

At the current pace, a new level of the Bitcoin hash rate will likely be registered if BTC prices continue pumping. Whether it will be a precursor of a sell-off or a bullish sign is yet to be seen. But based on the observer’s analysis, investors should be cautious when prices rise and keep an eye on the hash rate graph to better anticipate potential corrections.

• Bitcoin and Ethereum have very similar year-to-date performance and drawdown from their all-time highs (ATHs). Bitcoin has risen by 25.5% and declined by 69.9%, while Ether is up 27% and down 68.9%.
• Dragonfly Capital’s Haseeb Qureshi believes Ethereum may replace Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap within the next few years or during the next bull cycle. He argues that the coin is more ESG friendly and more attractive to institutional investors.
• BitStarz recently had a record win of $2,459,124 and could offer potential investors the chance to make a big profit with Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen very similar performances in the year-to-date period and their drawdown from all-time highs. Bitcoin has risen by 25.5% since the start of the year, while Ethereum has climbed by 27%. From their ATHs, Bitcoin has declined by 69.9%, and Ethereum has dropped by 68.9%. This comparable performance has led to speculation about whether Ethereum could replace Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the near future.

One proponent of this idea is Haseeb Qureshi, the managing partner of Dragonfly Capital. In a recent interview, he argued that if any cryptocurrency is going to reach $1 trillion, it will be Ethereum. He believes that institutional investors are increasingly looking for coins which comply with their ESG agenda, and Ethereum is the only coin that fits the bill. Furthermore, he mentioned that it is becoming more difficult for institutions to justify investing in Bitcoin.

In addition to this, there is also the potential for investors to make big profits with Ethereum. BitStarz recently had a record win of $2,459,124, and this could potentially be replicated with Ethereum. With the coin’s increasing popularity in the eyes of institutional investors, it could be a wise investment decision for those looking to make a large return on their investment.

• Bitcoin lost steam the previous day and is poised to re-test its support levels in the coming days.
• Short positions were piling up as Bitcoin trended to the upside, leading to half a billion dollars in liquidations.
• Bitcoin may continue to trend upwards but at a slower pace, with critical supports at $19,600 to $19,700.

The past 24 hours have seen Bitcoin market sentiment take a turn, with the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization losing 3% of its value. This comes after Bitcoin recorded a 16% profit in the last seven days and was seen as a result of favorable macroeconomic winds and high upside liquidity from overleveraged short traders.

The biggest obstacle for Bitcoin in the short term is the presence of these short positions. Over the past week, the market has taken out over half a billion dollars in short positions, allowing BTC to continue its climb. Now, however, these positions have been liquidated and over-confident long positions have become the target, potentially pushing Bitcoin back to its critical supports at $19,600 to $19,700. This level has confluence with the 200-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) and 50x leverage longs, creating a high liquidity pool that could be taken by market movers.

On higher timeframes, a recent report from QCP Capital has suggested that macroeconomic winds might change and negatively impact the crypto market in the long run. 2023 kicked off with global markets rallying due to the US stimulus package and vaccine distribution, however, this could eventually lead to market exhaustion and risk-on assets such as stocks and Bitcoin could face bearish pressures.

As of now, investors are advised to tread carefully in the cryptocurrency market and keep an eye out for any shifts in the macroeconomic landscape that could have an effect on Bitcoin’s price. Despite the recent pullback, Bitcoin remains the best performing cryptocurrency in the top 10, and if the market conditions remain favorable, it could continue to trend upwards in the coming days.

Was geschah mit der Wetterkanal-App? Es funktioniert nicht!
Ipad-, iOS- & Android-Benutzer fragen sich, was mit der Wetterkanal-App passiert ist, über deren häufige Abstürze nach dem letzten App-Update berichtet wurde. Noch keine offizielle Meldung.
Geschrieben von
Gunjan Schah
twittern-was ist mit der Wetterkanal-App passiert

Weather.com im Besitz von IBM und der Weather Channel sind die führenden Anbieter von Wettervorhersagen auf Android und iOS. Viele iPad-Benutzer und Benutzer von Android und iOS haben jedoch berichtet, dass die Weather Channel-App nach dem letzten Update abgestürzt ist. Lesen Sie weiter, um die neuesten Entwicklungen in dieser Geschichte zu erfahren:

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Wetterkanal-App stürzt nach dem letzten Update auf dem iPad ab
Jüngsten Berichten zufolge haben viele iPad-Nutzer berichtet, dass die Wetterkanal-App nicht funktioniert und nach dem neuen Update abstürzt. Benutzer haben in den Apple-Diskussionsforen nachgefragt, was mit der App passiert ist. Während Nutzer in den Online-Foren über die Ausfallzeit der Wetterkanal-App berichten, haben Experten und Medienportale keine Berichte über das Problem veröffentlicht.

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Abgesehen davon, dass die Wetterkanal-App auf dem iPad abstürzt, haben Android- und iOS-Benutzer auch erwähnt, dass die Wetterkanal-App auf ihren jeweiligen Plattformen ständig abstürzt. Das Apple-Diskussionsforum hat über 500 Anfragen mit der gleichen Beschwerde gepostet, in der es um den Absturz der App auf iPad- und iOS-Geräten geht. In den Anfragen wird auch erwähnt, dass sich die Wetterkanal-App nach dem letzten Update unvorhersehbar zu verhalten begann.

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Benutzer beschweren sich über den Absturz der Weather Channel-App auf iPad-, iOS- und Android-Geräten
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was ist mit der Wetterkanal-App geschehen, was ist mit der Wetterkanal-App geschehen, Wetterkanal-App funktioniert nicht, Wetterkanal-App funktioniert nicht, Wetterkanal-App stürzt auf dem ipad ab, Wetterkanal-App stürzt auf dem ipad ab
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Berichte über den Absturz der Weather Channel App in Apple Diskussionsforen
was ist mit der Wetterkanal-App geschehen, was ist mit der Wetterkanal-App geschehen, Wetterkanal-App funktioniert nicht, Wetterkanal-App funktioniert nicht, Wetterkanal-App stürzt auf dem ipad ab, Wetterkanal-App stürzt auf dem ipad ab
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Haben die Entwickler einen Patch oder ein Update veröffentlicht, um das Problem zu beheben?
Berichten zufolge wurde keine offizielle Ankündigung über die Entwicklung von Patches oder Updates zur Behebung des Problems gemacht. Allerdings haben Benutzer in den Diskussionsforen Lösungen zur Lösung des Problems veröffentlicht. Laut der Weather Channel App haben Nutzer von iOS berichtet, dass das Problem durch Installation und Neuinstallation der neuesten Version der App gelöst werden kann. Beim Testen der App und bei der Suche nach dem Problem stellten wir fest, dass das Android-Pendant der App auf dem zum Testen verwendeten Android-Gerät einwandfrei funktioniert.

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