Flight Story Acquires Zebu, Launches Flight3 for Web3 Innovation

23. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Flight Story, a digital marketing and communications company, has acquired Zebu to launch a new innovation marketing arm called Flight3.
• Zebu is a web3 marketing collective founded in 2021 to help brands stay on top of the changing digital media landscape.
• Flight3 will focus on providing web3-focused content, communications and media strategies for brands in emerging technologies.

Flight Story Acquires Zebu to Launch Flight3

Flight Story, the digital marketing and communications company co-founded by Steven Bartlett (thirdweb Co-founder, BBC Dragon’s Den & Diary of a CEO podcast host) and Oliver Yonchev (former MD of Social Chain AG), today announced the acquisition of web3 marketing collective Zebu to launch Flight 3 – their new innovation arm.

Zebu Digital: A Web3 Marketing Collective

Founded in 2021 by brothers Harry and Jolyon Layard Horsfall along with their close friend Henry Hankin, Zebu was built as the digital world saw an upheaval with Web3 and blockchain booming. The team at Zebu is made up of 30 individuals all striving to give brands a fighting chance in this ever-evolving landscape offering strategy, content, comms and media support for projects set to change the world (working with some big names such as Solana, Tezos, OKX and NEAR).

What Will Flight3 Offer?

Flight3 will focus on providing web 3 focused content, communications and media strategies for brands looking to explore emerging technologies such as AI Machine Learning and blockchain technology. With Grand View Research forecasting that the total market valuation of the metaverse is set to be $678bn by 2030 this is an industry that looks set to become multi-trillion dollar!

The Mission: Keep Brands at the Forefront

Steven Bartlett states that “Flight Story endeavors to be the most advanced marketing agency in the world” which is why they need people who are native to technology that will shape our future – this is what makes Zebu perfect for joining forces with Flight Story!


The acquisition of Zebu puts Flight Story one step closer towards achieving their mission of keeping clients at the very forefront of what’s possible within digital media or ‘web 3.0’ as it becomes increasingly popular across industries worldwide.